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Flight Departures at Wilmington Airport

Before exiting at the Wilmington International Airport, secure your belongings and make sure that nothing is left in your transport vehicle.

It is also ideal for departing passengers to arrive at the airport 1 hour before their flight schedule.

Parking at Wilmington International Airport

Wilmington Airport provides a convenient parking area 24/7. Six parking lots are open daily.

For those who would like to park their car, you can park free of charge for the first 30 minutes.

There is a $1.00 parking fee for those who will stay for an hour and an additional $1.00 charge for every hour. See more information about short and long term parking at Wilmington International Airport.

Overnight parking is also allowed at the Airport. Its recent addition was a cashless, self-service parking lot that only accepts credit cards for health safety purposes.

Transfer Services at Wilmington International Airport

Wilmington Airport provides safe, affordable, and efficient ground transportation.

There are rental cars, taxis, shuttles, rideshares, limousines, and public buses for those who want to commute to/from Wilmington International Airport.

Before leaving for a trip, know what items are allowed in your carry-on bag, what you can pack in your checked baggage, and what items are prohibited.

Rental Car Services at Wilmington International Airport

There are several car rental services available at Wilmington Airport. Look for them at the ground transportation center near the baggage claim area.

Renter should present their driver's license to receive a pre-printed rental document and the car key. Rental rates vary according to the type of car you choose.

Rental cars are parked outside the baggage claim area. See and compare all rental car companies at Wilmington International Airport.

When you return the vehicle at the Airport, follow the main road past the terminal and turn right into the rental car return area. Some signs will point you in the right direction.

Park the car at the same spot where you got it. Lock the vehicle and place the keys in the key drop box in the return area. Make sure to clear the car from all your belongings before returning the keys.

Ride Shares at Wilmington International Airport

Rideshares are also available at the Airport. Lyft and Uber are two of the more well-known ridesharing companies in the area.

Passengers can reserve rideshare by downloading the company's app on their smartphone and coordinating directly with their driver.

Taxis at Wilmington International Airport

Passengers can also pick up taxis at assigned bays in the ground transportation center. Taxi Fares start at $4.00 for pick-up and $3.00 a mile.

They also charge a $0.50 per minute waiting time. More information about taxis at Wilmington International Airport.

Airport rates are metered within 50 miles. Flat rate schemes also apply for long rides from the Airport.

Trains at Wilmington International Airport

There are no available railway services to/from Wilmington Airport.

Travelers who need rail to transfer can get to the nearest Train Station through a light transit from the airport. A taxi within the ground transportation center can bring you to Fayetteville, North Carolina, Train Station—some 93 miles or about 2 hours away. Additional information about train services near Wilmington International Airport.

For safety and convenience, we do not recommend this mode of transportation for passengers.

Buses at Wilmington International Airport

From Wilmington Airport, passengers can also take a bus ride through WAVE Transit Route 207, from Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Note that Route 207 may be unavailable on Saturdays and Sundays. Service operates on a 60-minute frequency. Further information about buses to and from Wilmington International Airport.

The $2.00 bus fare applies for adults and the $1.00 fare for seniors and persons with disabilities. Reduced fares are only available for students, seniors, disabled persons, and Medicare cardholders.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Wilmington International Airport

Most of the hotels in Wilmington provide shuttle services to and from the Airport. Passengers who have hotel bookings can confirm it with their local hotel and meet their vehicle at the Ground Transportation Center.

Also, transactions should only be made at the airport counters and other legitimate establishments for your safety.

Other Services at Wilmington International Airport

Wi-Fi at Wilmington International Airport

The Airport offers complimentary Wi-Fi access for Wilmington Airport guests. To use this service, just turn on your Wi-Fi and choose the "Fly ILM" network.

Upon entering, you will encounter a pop-up screen where you will agree to the terms and conditions to access the network.

ATMs at Wilmington International Airport

Two BB&T ATMs are available in the pre-and post-security area of the Airport.

One machine is located behind the information desk, and the other machine is located on the right-hand side after entering the gate area.

Fees may apply. Please check your bank's fee schedule and your daily withdrawal limit if you are traveling internationally.

Currency Exchange at Wilmington International Airport

Currently, money transfer and currency exchange services are unavailable at the Airport.

Travelers are recommended to have their currency exchanged at a larger airport or before their departure to and from Wilmington Airport.

Nursing Stations at Wilmington International Airport

For those traveling with their family, especially with infants, one baby changing room has a nursing chair for mothers and is located in the pre-security area.

Family rooms are also available in the restroom areas located both pre-and post-security.

Restrooms at Wilmington International Airport

Restrooms are located in both pre-and post-security areas of the facility.

Food and Beverages at Wilmington International Airport

There are restaurants and lounges in the area that offer food and beverages. Most of the food hubs operate on varying schedules.

Shopping at Wilmington International Airport

Gift shops are located in the gate area and are open seven days a week.

Smoking at Wilmington International Airport

Wilmington Airport prohibits smoking inside the airport vicinity, but there are designated smoking areas outside the terminal.

Lost and Found Section at Wilmington International Airport

Lost and found sections are actively available within the Airport. Left items are being turned in to different agencies depending on where they're located.

For items left in common areas, such as the gate area, the fastest way is to contact ILM Dispatch at +1 910-341-4336. Be ready to give the following information:

  • Date and location in the Airport the item was lost or last seen.
  • A detailed description of the item.

The owner should pick up found items. Please prepare a valid identification card when you pick up the item.

If you cannot personally pick up the item, have some arrangements with the ILM property officer.

Airport Communication Center at Wilmington International Airport

Information desks actively cater to queries and provide area information for travelers.

They have volunteers that act as ambassadors of the Wilmington community. If you have some questions, you can contact the information desk at +1 910-341-4125.

Pet Relief at Wilmington International Airport

Wilmington International Airport is a pet-friendly facility that gives the best services. When traveling with your pets, the Airport provides a designated area for them.

Pet areas can be found at the left and right of the airport entrance.

Note that pets are not allowed inside the terminal except for service animals.

Baggage Claim at Wilmington International Airport

Please retrieve your luggage at your designated Baggage Claim area.

Carts are available for rent to assist passengers with heavy luggage or special needs.

In the case of missing items, contact your respective airline.

Passengers can also inquire at the information desk for further assistance or contact ILM Dispatch at +1 910-341-4336.

Please include essential details such as your name, email, contact phone number, and a brief description of the lost item(s) when leaving a message.

Disabled Passengers at Wilmington International Airport

The Airport provides accessible parking spaces located in the public parking lots of the facility.

Passengers with disabilities and special needs can ask for assistance. If you need wheelchair assistance, ramps are available both outside and inside the terminal Airport.

You may also request a wheelchair ahead of time from your airline or at the ticket counter.

You may contact your airline in advance when making travel reservations for additional travel assistance.

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