Taxi Transfers To and From Wilmington Airport

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Wilmington International Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

Upon Arrival at the Wilmington International Airport, passengers should check all their belongings before leaving the facility.

Various transport services such as car rentals, rideshares, shuttles, buses, and taxis are available in the ground transportation area.

Taxis at Wilmington International Airport

Taxis are available at the ground transportation center outside the baggage claim area.

Taxi Fares start at $4.00 for pick-up and $3.00 a mile. They also charge $0.50 per minute for waiting time.

The estimated cost of the taxi fare from Wilmington International Airport to downtown Wilmington and vice versa is $18.00 to $19.00.

Passengers may also talk directly to their drivers for some arrangements if they want to travel outside Wilmington. Take note, that additional charges may apply.

Airport rates are metered within 50 miles. Flat rate schemes also apply for long rides to/from the Airport.

Hotel Shuttles at Wilmington International Airport

Most of the hotels in Wilmington provide shuttle services for their guests to and from Wilmington International Airport. Passengers who have hotel bookings may confirm this service to their accommodation.

If you already have some arrangements with your hotel, it is better to contact them in advance for convenience.

Hotel Shuttles are only allowed to pick up and drop off their passengers at the ground transportation center of the airport.

Rideshares at Wilmington International Airport

Rideshares are also available at Wilmington International Airport. They pick up and drop off passengers at the ground transportation area.

For convenience, passengers may reserve rideshare in advance by downloading the company's app on their phones.

Passengers may also ask for their driver’s identification card for booking proof and safety purposes.